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Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!
Before and After at Dubin Orthodontics!


What patients say about Dubin Orthodontics 

Dr. Joseph Dubin has treated three generations of our family. He is kind and gentle and thanks to his expertise, we now have beautiful smiles! The courteous and friendly staff treats all of us like family and makes each visit an enjoyable one. Dr. Joseph Dubin and his staff have always been extremely accommodating and have truly made each of our orthodontic treatments very positive experiences – with terrific results!

~The H. Family

Dr. Joseph Dubin has been our orthodontist for the past 10 (11 or 12) years. He has treated our three oldest children, Catherine, Meghan & Lauren. He is kind & passionate about his work & results – he truly cares about the kids. The office staff is knowledgeable & courteous. We are happy to have been patients of his practice.

~P. & J. O.

About eight years ago, when my stepchildren needed braces, I contacted several local dentists for a good referral. All three dentists I spoke with recommended Dr. Joseph Dubin, so that's where we went.

~J. P.

For the past three years my children and I have had the pleasure to be patients at Dr. Joseph Dubin's office. My son is almost 16 years old and has an amazing smile thanks to Dr. Joseph Dubin and his incredible staff. My 13 year daughter is about to have her braces off and we can see the perfect smile that she will always enjoy.


My grandson is one of Dr. Joseph Dubin's orthodontic patients. Until I retired as an accountant my partner and I represented a dozen or more dentists and orthodontists, as well as other clientele, for over 42 years. When my grandson started with Dr. Joseph Dubin I visited his office on his initial visit. What a most wonderful visit it was! Dr. Joseph Dubin's staff is the most cordial, informative, pleasant, cooperative, and fun group of people I have ever met in any doctor's office.

My experience tells me that the atmosphere of any office starts at the top and after my second visit I knew I was correct. Dr. Joseph Dubin is a kind, gentle, gracious, and most competent doctor. I am truly happy that we chose Dr. Joseph Dubin as his orthodontist. Just think of what a marvelous experience he will enjoy with Dr. Joseph Dubin and his wonderful office staff.

~A. W.

Dr. Joseph Dubin is a great orthodontist with a fabulous front office and staff. This practice has always made our 3 daughters' experience a pleasant one. Never having to wait, treated with kindness by all in an inviting atmosphere. These ingredients are the recipes for a perfect smile. Thank you Dr. Joseph Dubin.

~The F. Family

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Joseph Dubin for over ten years. During that time I have found Dr. Joseph Dubin to be a professional of the highest caliber. His work is consistently excellent and I continue to recommend him as my local orthodontist of choice. I have such confidence in Dr. Joseph Dubin that he treats my children. 


Dr. Joseph Dubin is an excellent orthodontist who truly cares about his work and the patients he treats. He has treated my entire family and I could not be happier with the results I look at everyday. As a dentist, I consistently refer patients to Dr. Joseph Dubin knowing that he is reliable, highly skilled and deeply committed. My family and I appreciate having an orthodontist and friend we can rely on and Dr. Joseph Dubin continues to provide us with both. Thanks!

Dr. L enthusiastically recommends Dr. Joseph Dubin's office to anyone seeking orthodontic care. Your first contact with his office is his polite and friendly office staff. Once you arrive to his office in North Brunswick you are immediately impressed with the team spirit in Dr. Joseph Dubin's Halloween pictures over the years he's practiced in North Brunswick. You can readily see first hand in his before and after pictures the difference in his patient's smiles through the teamwork of his office staff and his talent. Patients are made to feel like family. This relationship has continued steadily over the 16 years Dr. L has referred his patients to Dr. Joseph Dubin's office.
~Dr. CL

I would like to thank Dr. Joseph Dubin for the excellent care he provides to the patients that I refer to him. Most of my patients are adults and they have many concerns about the orthodontic process and how it will affect their lives and appearance. Dr. Joseph Dubin and his staff are both professional and courteous providing the best in orthodontic care. When it became time for my own children to have treatment, Dr. Joseph Dubin was my obvious choice. Their experience was positive and the result exceptional. I feel confident each time I refer a patient to Dr. Joseph Dubin that I have placed them in good hands.

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